Bradyschool:crafts edition

Ok I’ve been fighting with my phone all weekend but cannot seem to get all the pics to upload so I’m going to break this week’s homeschool update into 2 posts.

We’ve been doing a lot of Fall/Halloween crafts lately, here’s some pictures:

imageI traced the boys’ arms to make the tree trunks and they glued fallen leaves on them. J wrote ‘Fall’ across the top.

imageAcorn and cap shapes cut out of construction paper. The acorn is covered in oatmeal, the cap in torn paper bags. (Modified slightly from No Time For Flashcards who used chocolate cereal for the cap)

imageTrunk and treetop shapes cut out of white paper, colored with crayons and glued together, the apples are thumbprints.

imageA gift for Gramma & Papa. Traced Brady’s arm for the trunk, helped him paint it and then did handprint leaves. Good color blending lesson as we started with just primary colored paints.

imageThe leaf, stem, and pumpkin are painted, the face is black construction paper, the vine is a pipe cleaner.

imageHanging spider basket (instructions found here). I used a pizza box instead of paper plates, had the boys color the body rather than paint it, stapled the front and back together and ended up using tape to reinforce the glue for the arms. I also reinforced the handle with  staples, used a pipe cleaner instead of yarn for the handle and construction paper instead of a pipecleaner for the mouth. (Maybe I should say inspired by those directions, lol)

imageCoffee filter ghosts. One coffee filter crumpled into a ball, taped to the center of a second filter, tied around the neck with fishing line and given eyes with a black marker.

And the other half of this entry will have to wait until tomorrow, cutting and pasting code on a phone is HARD, y’all.


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