This week in Bradyschool

I wrote this wrap-up to submit to a homeschooling site and decided to set up a blog to share what Brady has been up to each week. Here’s what we did in Bradyschool the week of 10/3-10/9:

Calendar: I love the Dollar Tree. I bought a kindergarten-style wall calendar and we begin our school day by putting up the date and the weather.  This is great for talking about days of the week, months of the year, and ordinal numbers and both boys love it.

Workbooks: Brady has 7 or 8 preschool workbooks on letters, numbers, shapes, same and different, etc. We usually do a page in each every day. They mostly consist of my holding his hand and showing him him to write letters/numbers (while singing “This is how we write a capital ‘P’/a capital ‘P’/a capital ‘P’ this is how we write a capital ‘P’ so early in the morning”) or Brady coloring, circling, and drawing lines. His love of workbooks was an accidental discovery, but my mom says I was the same way.

Writing Practice: After I’ve helped him write a ‘P’ on paper Brady practices writing them with his finger in a pie plate of sugar

Pony beads: this is new this week, but both boys love them. J uses them for math problems. They both string them on pipe cleaners (dexterity, counting, patterns, colors). Brady also likes putting them in an egg carton with cups labeled 1-12.

Art projects: This week we have:

1) made a paper acorn and glued oatmeal on the bottom and torn paper bag on the top (slightly modified from No Time For Flashcards)

2) done a “found stamp” project where the boys used apples, potatoes, onions, and corks as paint stamps

3) made a paper tree with thumbprint apples

4) searched the yard for leaves of different shapes, sizes, and textures and did leaf rubbings

Science: I bought some space flashcards and we’ve started talking about one card each day.

Phonics: We are loving the little songs and videos on (especially the video for ‘B’. Brady laughs hysterically whenever the little girl says “I am going to get you bee!”)

Board games: Brady has a newly acquired love of games. We use “Chutes and Ladders,” “Candy Land,” “Connect Four,” and “Old McDonald Had a Farm” to practice taking turns, counting, colors, and help with his fine motor skills. (“Candy Land” was a gift from his grandparents, the others were purchased at Goodwill, homeschooling can be very cheap)

Field trips: We rode the municipal elevator down to the lower half of Oregon City and went to the farmer’s market on Wednesday. Along with being exposed to different fruits and vegetables they practiced counting and adding and got to pay with the tokens we purchased at the info booth. We also had a couple park outings and the usual trips to the grocery store, etc. Oh and we went down to Clackamette Park and fed the ducks, geese, seagulls, and pigeons.

I think that pretty well wraps up our homeschool week, here’s a picture of Brady on one of our park outings:



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