Bradyschool-picture edition

Here’s the rest our homeschooling week in a nutshell:



Workbooks: we’re doing the regular ones and two I threw together:


(I hold Brady’s hand when we do his and we go over each letter several times)

then he practices writing in sugar


Science: we’re still loving the space flashcards


Brady’s game obsession continues and he’s added a new one to his repertoire

imageBrady and Daddy playing Zombie Dice

Field trips:

we went to Portland Nursery’s apple tasting event on Sunday. Brady watched apple cider being made (and sampled it of course), ate popcorn, helped pick out a bunch of apples, had his face painted, and painted a pumpkin


We went to the park several times this week and suddenly Brady’s climbing ladders, going down the big slide, and doing all sorts of things he couldn’t do a week ago.

This weekend we went to Morningshade Farms in Canby and Brady had fun picking apples.


And that was our week.


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