With Halloween last weekend the wrap-up got away from me so here’s what Brady has been up to the last couple of weeks.

We start our days off with Calendar and weather. Both boys are getting better with the days of the week and both recognize the words ‘cloudy’,’sunny’, and ‘rainy’ by sight.

I’ve revamped Brady’s lessons. I help him practice writing one letter and one number, then we practice writing them in sugar, then we do the lesson for that letter. J also uses starfall to reinforce the letters he has covered in his phonics book that day and both boys LOVE the songs and games.I cannot say enough good stuff about this website. J is suddenly sounding out words all over the place and Brady runs around singing “Ed the Elephant likes red eggs/eh-eh eh-eh.” 

After we’ve finished our bookwork we either have storytime, music time, or do an art project.  We go to the library at least once a week and last time I checked out a book entitled “Hip-hop Speaks to Children” and it came with a CD that Brady LOVES dancing to.

Our latest art projects were witch hats (which lit a fire of glitterglue love inside Brady’s soul the likes of which the world has never seen):


And turkeys made of their hand and footprints:


We’ve been spending a lot of time at the park during this Indian Summer where Brady has learned to climb ladders:


Go down the big slide:

And swing on the big kid swings:

All in the last couple months.

And that’s what’s Brady’s been up to.


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