It’s Turkey Time

…yes, even for vegetarians.

We’ve taken down the pumpkins and ghosts and redecorated with turkeys and Indian corn.

First we did hand-and-footprint turkeys:


Then J came home from school with a turkey picture to color and Brady wanted one too so I traced it:


Yesterday the boys and I drew beaks and feet on the leftover handprints from our other turkeys and I cut corn shapes and leaves out of construction paper. The boys used markers to make kernels:


And our windows were redecorated:


Brady started using some kiddy scissors this week. They have a little piece of plastic in between the sides that acts as sort of a spring and helps him open them up. He did a pretty good job and got to practice gluing afterwards:


(Note the glitter glue, Brady no longer does anything without it)

The other new additions this week were:
Winnie the Pooh sight word cards his Gramma and Papa brought him. I lay them out face up and Brady finds matches, he’s getting pretty fast:


And Brady’s first science experiment:
(Pour milk in a bowl, add food coloring in corners, dip dishsoap covered q-tip in the center and watch the colors swirl. We talked a little about how the soap binds to the fat in the milk)

It finally feels like Fall around here. Brady’s in his winter coat and (size 4T!) footie jammies):


And on Monday we had a bizarre hailstorm that left the street looking like Christmas in under 10 minutes:


And that was our week


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