Turkeys and Pirates

We’ve begun making a weekly trip to the library on Sundays, Brady gets a few picture books, a CD, and a DVD or two.  This week I found a counting book about the first Thanksgiving and a beautiful “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” picture book that came with a CD of Judy Collins singing the song.  This led to a discussion of how rainbows are created and a little science experiment where we shone a light through a glass of water down onto a piece of paper and created our own rainbow.

Our school work routine is pretty well established now. We have lunch, do calendar/weather, and then I help Brady practice writing a number in his math workbook and a letter in his alphabet.  Next he practices writing the letter and number of the day in sugar and then he gets to play his “letter game” on starfall.com.  If J is still working Brady matches his sight word cards or does Tangrams until J is finished. 

I’m trying to be more organized in our homeschool efforts (as well as my household ones) so I made myself a little chart:


And organized our school supplies:


We have our own versions of “specials,” going to the library twice a week, art twice a week, music (where we listen to/discuss/dance to the CD we’ve checked out that week), and a simple science experiment. Saturdays are reserved for meal planning/grocery shopping during which we discuss nutrition, colors, money, etc.

The two art projects we did this week were a handprint turkey project:


I painted the boys palms/fingers with fingerpaint and then used crayons for details and a fingerprint for the wattle. I just used a needle and some embroidery floss to connect the corners. (Brady calls it his “turt-ee party”)

We also made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls.  I taped them together and let Brady decorate them with markers and stickers.  Once he was done I attached the ribbon (which Auntie Biddy may recognize).  For some reason Brady associates binoculars with pirates and kept saying “Look! I a pie-yut wif my knock-uh-lers Mommy!” then he’d hold them up to his eyes and yell “Arrrr!”


And that brings us to this weekend in which Brady may well get a big boy bed

if I can get ahold of the person on Craigslist. Pictures of my baby in a racecar bed (hopefully) soon to follow.In the meantime here he is in his crib last night for what may be the last time:



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