Catch up

I’m weeks and weeks behind so this will be long, here goes.

We’ve been doing a lot of cut-and-paste type art projects. Here was our last Thanksgiving project:


(Those pictures are from a gardening catalog, the horn is cut out of a cereal box)

Then we made snowmen:


I cut out the letters and J sounded out the word as he glued them on while Brady practiced identifying letters. I held his hand and helped him draw the details.

Then we decorated Christmas trees.

First paper:


(Note the glitterglue)

Then real:


And, lastly, a gingerbread man:


The cookie shape is cut out of a paper bag. Brady picked the colors and shapes of all the paper decorations and then added some glitterglue for good measure.

I’ve started including a kitchen project each week. Last week it was sugar cookies:


This week it was cranberry muffins with orange glaze:


And we’ve been continuing our simple science experiments. Our two most recent ones were both in 2 liter bottles.

First exploring how oil and water interact:


(We added corn syrup too)

And then a cloud in a bottle:


(This would’ve worked better with a smaller bottle. Add just enough hot water to cover the bottom, hold a match in the bottle until it fills with smoke, cap the bottle and squeeze the bottle hard several times.)

A lot of our time is spent counting down the days until Christmas since Brady has been asking to see Santa since Halloween. Beyond our regular calendar we do an advent one daily.

We also change the numbers on this guy:


And add a snowball to Santa’s beard:


And (for the grandparents)Brady’s hair continues to be absurdly pretty:


And this week he insisted I paint his nails:


And, since I ended the last entry with a picture of Brady in his crib for the last time, here he is on his first night in his big boy bed:image

And that’s what we’ve been up to. Hope you’re all having a nice holiday season.


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