Big slides, caterpillars, and voodoo

We’ve had some dry days lately and so we’ve been able to spend more time outside. We’ve gone to the park a couple of times and the boys have been really enjoying the swingset.


I wasn’t feeling very well Sunday so instead of makibg our usual trek to the Tualatin library we just went to our little Oregon City one.  Brady braved the big slide


And had fun swinging with Daddy


Our basic schoolwork routine is the same as ever: calendar, bookwork, (although J has moved on from the phonics games and is now working his way through the easy reader books-yay!) and then that days ‘special.’

This past week we did a “floating raisins”  science project in which you add 1Tbsp of baking soda to 1C of water in a tall glass, stir until dissolved, drop in 4 or 5 raisins, and finally add a splash of vinegar.  The bubbles caused by the chemical reaction will carry the raisins to the top and then pop and allow them to sink back to the bottom. The raisins will “dance” for hours before becoming waterlogged and Brady enjoyed this experiment so much he insisted we do it again the next day. (Unfortunately raisins in a glass don’t make for very good pictures, maybe next weeks experiment will be more photogenic)

Our main art project this week was egg carton caterpillars. They were a big hit and the boys had a lot of fun making them crawl around.


This week we listened to a children’s reggae CD. I thought Brady would enjoy the rhythm since he loves to dance, but the kid’s pirate and hip-hop CDs are still his favorites. Brady likes to tell me he’s a pirate but he’s NOT a scallywagg.

We spent yesterday in Portland. Brady LOVED riding the Max. We used a giftcard and had lunch at an Irish pub, waited in line for nearly an hour for Voodoo doughnuts:


I had a few odds and ends in my purse in case we decided to go Geocaching while we were out so I pulled out a little vial of bubbles to entertain Brady in line and, true-to-form, he made several friends and entertained everyone else.

Doughnuts in hand we climbed back on Max and rode over to Finnegan’s toy store where Brady spent his Christmas money on a marble run.


And that was our week.


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