Brady had kind of a busy school week this week.

Wednesday was Groundhog’s Day and we did a fun pop-up groundhog craft


Then Thursday was Lunar New Year. We celebrated by eating rice candy:

playing with streamer wands:


Making paper lanterns:


And having egg fried rice, veggie chow mein, oranges (which symbolize a sweet life) and fortune cookies for dinner.

Friday we did a celery circulation experiment. First we read about a little bit about veins:


Then the boys had an epic celery sword fight:


Then we trimmed the ends of the celery , split the stalk, and placed them in glasses of colored water:


And a few hours later we went back and saw that the color had made it all the way to the leaves:image

As soon as J was picked up Friday we climbed in the car and headed up for a small family reunion in Washington. We stayed with Paul’s parents in a hotel about 45 minutes away from his Aunt’s house and Brady swam both nights. Here, for comparison purposes, are pictures of Brady in his Spongebob trunks last Summer:


And this weekend:


(He’s getting super tall)

Saturday was spent visiting family and going to the playground with cousins:


And Brady’s Great-Grandma gave him some Superman jammies (complete with cape) that he won’t take off:


Now we’re home, unpacked, and watching the Super Bowl while preparing for another week. Hope you all had good weeks, too.


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