This Year’s Curriculum

Although we have been informally homeschooling for about a year this is the first time I have tried to come up with a comprehensive curriculum for my 3 year old.  Unfortunately I was unable to find an existing curriculum that fulfilled our desires for Brady’s education (heavy on the phonics, very hands on at this age) while aligning with our beliefs (I’d like his Science books to be more “lets make a battery out of this potato!” and less “God said ‘Let there be light!”).

Anyway, after weeks and months of research this is the Preschool/Pre-K curriculum we’ve come up with and I thought I’d share in case there are other non-Christian homeschooling parents out there struggling with the same issues. (Note: I did not intend to cover Geography or Time/Money at this age, but will be doing so because my son has shown an interest in these subjects)


Hooked on Phonics Pre-K

My billion YouTube playlists for letters and numbers


Unifix Cubes (and this book on how to use them)

Time-telling (we also have a play clock)

and Money Math (as well as lots of play money)

We found this calendar system at Staples and Brady really enjoys dressing the frog everyday and we’ll also use it to make a weather graph a little later in the year.


Mudpies to Magnets  (and More Mudpies to Magnets)

Everybody Has a Body


The Little Man in the Map

The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals

and the Animaniacs

We will continue to use Zoodles , Starfall , and More Starfall to work on math and phonics as well as computer literacy.

Our Art projects will come from various websites (including No Time For Flashcards ), several preschool/kindergarten art books I’ve picked up at thrift stores and garage sales and projects I remember from my own school days.

We’ll be using this book to review concepts we covered this year and we’ll continue our weekly trips to playgroup, storytime, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

So that’s what we’ll be doing this year, what curriculum are you using?


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