Weekly lesson plans

So I’ve finally got all of Brady’s school books and I’m working out our lesson plans for the year. I ordered 3 science books, 2 sort of general science and one called “Everybody Has a Body” that is sort of anatomy for preschoolers and I’ve decided to tackle one aspect of each book every month. Here’s the schedule I’ve roughed out:

General Science                                                                                                         Anatomy
Sept: Chemistry                                                                                                             Hands/Feet
Oct: Trees                                                                                                                        Arms/Legs
Nov: Weather                                                                                                                      Eyes
Dec: Space                                                                                                                             Ears
Jan: Dinosaurs                                                                                                                    Nose
Feb: Robots/Machines                                                                                                   Mouth
March: Water Cycle                                                                                                         Organs
April: Plants                                                                                                                      Head to Toe
May: Insects                                                                                                                        Bones
June: Ocean                                                                                                                      Nutrition

Each week we will do 1 experiment/activity for each of that month’s themes so our weekly schedule looks like this:

Playgroup (10-12)
Hooked on Phonics
Unifix math activity of the week
Practice letter and number of the week in HOP workbook
State/province coloring page/reading/video
Reading of The Little Man in the Map
50 state puzzle
Starfall letter game/YouTube letter/number videos
Grocery shopping

Letter writing in our Alphabet workbook
Time math
Science experiment
YouTube Letter/Number videos

Library/Errand Running
Alphabet workbook
Unifix activity
Colors/shapes review in HOP workbook
Art Project
YouTube Letter/Number videos

Alphabet workbook
Money math
State coloring page/reading/video
YouTube Letter/number videos

Playgroup (10-12)
Letter sounds in HOP workbook
Anatomy activity
HOP online videos/games

HOP Video/games
HOP coloring workbook
Art project
Unifix activity

We also do calendar and weather everyday and, yes, we do about 1/2-3/4 of a school day on Saturday. Brady would like to do 7 full days a week but I make him take Sundays off because I don’t want him to be totally burnt out by 1st grade.

How are your lesson plans shaping up?

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