Homeschooling week in review

We just finished our first official week of Pre-K and I thought I’d do a little wrap up.

Calendar: I found a couple songs on YouTube


that we watched a couple of times and have started singing before we do our calendar for the day. Just a week in Brady has memorized both songs. He can also answer questions like “What day comes after Friday?”  so he’s really getting his days down, he doesn’t know his months quite as well yet.

Letter: A

Things we did to practice our letter: Painted A and a (Brady decided to fingerpaint with the watercolors which worked better than I expected it to), made A’s out of playdough and pencils, did worksheets to practice writing our letter and finding words that contained the ‘short a’ sound. We started Hooked on Phonics this week and Brady is really enjoying the little videos that came with it as well as the games on their website. He also loves Starfall and our YouTube letter playlists. I think moving to a letter of the week was the right choice as the repetition has definitely helped solidify the letter sound in his mind and he is much better at writing ‘A’ and ‘a’ after practicing them for 6 days in a row.

Number: 0

Things we did to practice our number: practiced writing it with worksheets and on a dry erase board, watched my YouTube ‘0’ playlist, demonstrated zero by adding then removing things from his desk/plate/hand all week

Unifix cubes: I cannot recommend these enough. We’ve been using them to make patterns/measure things since we received them a couple weeks ago. This was our first week really using them in our schoolwork and we’ve been doing a lesson plan from our book that mostly consists of me giving Brady simple instructions for how to put them together (ie: “build a tower of 5 cubes,” “build a tower of 6 cubes using 2 colors,” etc.) and he has already begun to randomly blurt out things like “2 and 1 is 3” of “6 take away 1 is 5” at the dinner table. I love how intuitively he is picking up addition and subtraction by playing with these cubes.

States: We covered Alabama and Alaska this week. We do Geography on Tuesday and Thursday which includes reading a few facts about the state of the day (motto, capital, flower, etc), coloring a picture of  the state, reading “The Little Man in the Map” and working together to build our state puzzle. Brady’s grandparents bought him a big wall map of the US and we ask him to point out states throughout the day and he will often quiz us as well.

Science: We’re making our own rock candy in a simple evaporation experiment. We mixed sugar in warm water until no matter how long we stirred some remained on the bottom and then put a popsicle stick across the top of the jar and tied a string around it that hung to the bottom. We’re making marks on the jar as it evaporates and putting the experiment together gave me the opportunity to introduce words like ‘solution,’ ‘saturation,’ and ‘evaporation.’

Anatomy: This month we’re talking about hands and feet. We discussed the bones that make up our hands and feet and then traced our hands on cardboard and used them to measure household objects. We talked about big and small and estimated( “if the desk is 4 1/2 Brady hands tall how many Mommy hands do you think we’ll need?”).

Art: Our art projects were apple themed this week. We made apple prints with paint and made an apple tree with thumbprint leaves and popcorn “blossoms”

Baking: continuing with our apple theme made an apple crisp on Wednesday. Brady loved using his hands to toss the apples with sugar and lemon juice and mix the crumb topping.

Extras: We found the old “Johnny Appleseed” Disney cartoon on YouTube (I vaguely remember seeing it as a child, although I believe the caption said it was from the 40’s)

And that was our homeschooling week, we got through everything I had planned except for taking pictures I’ll try to be better about that next week.  How was your week?


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