September Homeschooling DITL

I thought I’d do a picture entry every so often, mostly so I can see how our school day is evolving. Here’s what school looks like for us right now.

This morning started out with breakfast and then a couple hours at playgroup.  Brady played with toys, sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and “The ABC Song”, heard “Five Little Ducks” and “Clifford’s First Autumn” during story time, colored a leaf, played some more, and had a snack. I never feel comfortable taking pictures at playgroup because it’s nearly impossible to get one without other kids in it. After playgroup we came home, had lunch, and started our school day.

We always begin our day with calendar and weather (you’ll have to excuse Brady’s pantslessness in these pictures, it’s his way of life)

Which includes renditions of these songs (video taken yesterday)

Then we move on to Reading. Today it was Hooked on Phonics, so we did the workbook that came with our Pre-K kit:

And our “Super Workbook”

Played our phonics game

And then to the computer for our Hooked on Phonics games/videos, Starfall letter game, and YouTube letter playlist (about 15 mins total)

Now onto math. We practiced writing our number of the week:

And then we did a Unifix activity called “blocks in socks.” First I put varying numbers of cubes in 4 socks and Brady explored them and guessed which one had the most and which had the least

Then we dumped them out, stacked them up

And put them in order


Our final activity was to make a ‘B’ out of beads

Then it was time for Brady to have a rest and a snack

While I put today’s supplies away and pulled out tomorrow’s

And that’s what school looks like for us at the moment. What does it look like for you?


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