‘B’ week wrap-up

Here’s what we’ve been up to during Brady’s 2nd week of school.

Letter: B

Brady practiced writing his letter on worksheets and his whiteboard, we worked on the sign for ‘B’ (he’s shown a strong interest in learning ASL so we’ve been really working on the alphabet as well as watching episodes of “Signing Time” on the DVR), and we made a ‘B’ out of beads:

Number: 1

We practiced writing the number one and practiced adding and subtracting 1 using unifix cubes, toys, magnets or whatever was handy, we also watched our YouTube playlist for 1.

Unifix cubes activity: blocks in socks.

We do our unifix activity M/W/F and I could really see improvement each time we did this one. I gathered a bunch of old socks and put varying numbers of cubes in each sock. Then Brady examined the socks and told me which one he thought had the most. We dumped that one out, stacked up the cubes and then he told me which one he thought had the most now. Once we were all done we looked at the stacks and arranged them from largest to smallest. By Friday he got them all right just by feeling the socks.

Time: Practiced tracing the parts of a clock and started working on writing time to the hour (he’s been able to verbally tell us the time to the hour for a couple months)

Money:  We’re working on pennies. Finding them when mixed in with other coins, counting them, and using ¢ to write the amount.

Art: We tried making butterfly puppets with paper plates, but Brady didn’t want to fold his butterfly to make it into a puppet so he just ended up coloring a butterfly on a paper plate. He’s been really sensitive/protective of his art work lately, I don’t really feel a need to push him in this area:

If your child is less particular these puppets are fun and super easy. Have them color a butterfly on the back of a paper plate and then fold the plate forward (so the butterfly is in the middle) and crease. Take a 2nd plate and cut it in half then trim another inch or so off of the cut edge of each half. Line the plates up so that the top sides are facing each other (this will leave a space for your hand) and staple around the edges.

We also made this adorable bumblebee

I found directions here and modified them slightly. We used a pipe cleaner for the antennae, wax paper for the wings, added a smile, turned the eyes around, and used cut black paper strips for the stripes rather than coloring them.

Baking/Science: This week we combined baking and science by making homemade bread and butter.

We proofed the yeast first so Brady could see it grow and he loved helping to knead and “punch down” the dough. When we made the butter he tasted each stage (cream/soft whipped cream/firm whipped cream/butter/buttermilk) and helped rinse the buttermilk out of the butter at the end. He sat on the counter and watched the entire process (we used the Kitchen Aid) and thought it was pretty cool.

Anatomy: We continue to talk about the bones in our hands and feet. We stole this fingerprint activity from MoziEsme. Brady enjoyed trying to pick up a dime with taped fingers but had NO interest in examining his fingerprints or doing the fingerprint art I’d planned to go along with it. Because the fingerprint idea flopped we also did a “Finger Flicks” activity from our Everybody Has a Body book. I took a shoe box and cut small, medium, and large upside down ‘U’ shapes into the bottom portion and then we practiced flicking marbles and pencil toppers (and pushing matchbox cars) into the goals.

And that sums up our week. How are things going in your homeschool?



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