C is for Catch-up

So I’m behind already lol. We had a little drama with my estranged father and things got a bit crazy so, while we were able to stay on track school-wise, I wasn’t able to find the time to do the write-up last weekend. Things have settled down now so here’s what we did last week.

Letter: C

Number: 2

Unifix cubes activity: “Blocks in Socks 2” which was similar to the first, but added 2 socks with the same number of cubes. We used this activity to talk about words like “same,” “more,” “less,” and “estimate.”

Time: still working on telling time to the hour. We’re using this book which came highly recommended I think in large part because it progresses so slowly I feel like he’ll really understand it by the time we’re done.

Money: still working on counting pennies and writing ¢, he’s getting a lot of practice writing his numbers which is good because our other workbooks definitely emphasize letters.

Art: In keeping with our ‘c’ theme we made a mixed media collage (construction paper, beads, glitter glue, ribbon, etc I cannot seem to find it to take a picture) on a paper plate cut into a ‘c’ shape. We also made salt clay and used it to make letters that Brady can use to spell (he’s been using his letter magnets, but I thought this would be fun and also give him the ability to spell words with repeated letters)

Science: We made rubber eggs: take an egg, cover it with vinegar, leave it for about 24 hours (checking in periodically to watch it float and sink), take it out and do this:

But not too hard or you end up with this:


Anatomy: We examined our hands with a flashlight and noticed which parts the light was able to shine through.


Baking: We made Oatmeal Scotchie cookies, which Brady had never had before but he LOVED them 🙂


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