D week

Letter: D

Number: 3

Unifix Activity: “Snap-clap” Choose a color to represent each movement (snap, clap, pat, etc) and then act out a pattern and have your child build it with unifix cubes. Brady and I actually took turns acting out and building the pattern, he always enjoys a chance to be in charge (my fiery little Aries boy lol)

Time: Telling/writing time to the hour

Money: Counting pennies/writing ¢

Art: I’ve already had to deviate from my letter themed art projects, most of the ‘d’ ones I could come up with were dinosaur related and I wanted to save them for when dinosaurs are our theme for science in a couple of months and as far as methods go I could only come up with decopage which I didn’t think would really hold my 3 year old’s attention so we just had fun. We played with cornstarch goop, which is always fun. I made Brady this pumpkin pie playdough (which smells SO good) and today I cut a tree out of a brown paper bag, traced Brady’s hand onto some construction paper and he had a ball decorating his door

Science: I had intended to do a crystal exploration making/examining homemade popsicles but kept forgetting to pick up popsicle sticks so we’ll do 2 projects next week

Anatomy: This was our last week on hands and feet and we did a fun mystery bag activity. I took a paper grocery bag and put a lot of little things (a feather, a sock, a crumpled ball of foil, some small toys, etc) inside and then we took turns putting our hands inside, picking up an object and trying to guess what it was without looking. I had Brady try the same thing with his feet and he discovered how much more sensitive his hands were. We also used this activity to practice descriptive words like “smooth,” “bumpy,” “soft,” and “fuzzy.”

Baking: We made these doughut muffins, which were so good I didn’t get any pictures of them before they were gone (that’s ok, mine didn’t turn out as pretty as hers anyway 😉

And today we did our review pages for Hooked on Phonics (we’re doing the Pre-K 1&2 boxes concurrently and they have a review lesson every 4 or 5 letters) and I got all our planning done for October so we’re all set for a month of pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and skeletons. Do you have any fun Halloween crafts planned?


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