E week

I think we’re getting the hang of our new school year. Although we’ve been doing schoolwork for about 15 months we added several new subjects and created a much more rigid routine when we began this school year a few weeks ago and the additional planning/prep that goes along with that threw me for a loop for awhile. This week we moved from my usual schedule of deep cleaning the whole house on Tuesday and then just keeping it up throughout the week to deep cleaning 1-2 rooms a day and then just doing a quick straighten on the others. This seems like it will work a lot better for us.  I also had a sort of accidental lunchtime breakthrough this week. We’ve all been trying to eat better and I’ve been struggling to come up with a quick lunch option that wasn’t just another sandwich, but last Monday I made a HUGE batch of stir fried vegetables and rice and then was able to warm it for lunch all week so today I’m making a big pan of roasted root vegetables for tonight’s dinner and this week’s lunches. Anyway, domesticity aside, here’s what our school week looked like:

Letter: E

Number: 4

States: Florida and Georgia

Time: Drawing in clock hands, writing time

Money: counting pennies, matching a pictured group of pennies with the correct number

Art: We did a fun marble painting activity. They were supposed to be spiderwebs originally but when we went to do it I realized I was out of white paint so we used orange. Place a sheet of construction paper in a cake pan, squirt some paint in the middle, drop a marble in the paint and let your child tilt and wiggle the cookie sheet to roll the marble around

And the finished product:

We also combined Science and art this week by taking a nature walk and collecting various twigs/leafs/pinecones/etc and then using a piece of scrap fabric (a genius idea from “Mudpies to Magnets” which allows you to use things that would go right through paper)to do crayon rubbings of some of our collection.

Also, because it’s fabric Brady has been able to use it for a baby doll blanket all week. Gotta love an art project that doesn’t just sit in a box.

Anatomy: We talked about the bones in our legs and explored our reflexes by tapping below our knees with a toy hammer

Baking: We’ve briefly (by which I mean probably through December)abandoned letter themed treats for seasonal ones and this week Brady had his first ever pumpkin bars. They were a hit 🙂

How was your homeschool week? Do you have any tricks for balancing schoolwork and housework?


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