F is for Flu Season

…although I think we just have really bad colds, either way Brady and I haven’t left the house since Sunday which is why this is so late.

Letter: F

Number: 5

States: Hawaii and Idaho. We’ve been reviewing the capitals of the states we’ve already studied during our Geography lessons, he knows them all pretty well but struggles with Denver/Dover. Brady is constantly asking us to tell him a state and then finding it on our big wall map, we haven’t been able to stump him in a couple of weeks. Oh and we finally found a new state puzzle a couple of weeks ago (we had been using a foam one I got at Staples for 50¢ during their back to school sales, but it was starting to warp and the shapes weren’t very accurate) it’s this one and we really love it.

Time: Drawing clock hands, writing time to the hour.

Money: Counting pennies, finding the group of pennies to match a written amount.

Unifix cubes: We’ve been working on building more complex patterns by turning the cubes upside down

and building them out instead of just up

Art: We’ve been doing a lot of Halloween and Fall themed art to keep us busy while we’re stuck at home. (Brady started coming down with this crud a week ago)

We used paper towel tubes and stacking cups as paint stamps (and then Brady went and got some plastic animals and shapes from a shape sorter too)- not Fall themed, but a lot of fun.

We made coffee filter ghosts

And construction paper jack-o-lanterns

And we made a leaf collage with real leaves and stickers at storytime

Science: Kind of fell by the wayside this week, but I did make Brady a starfinder (take a paper towel tube, cover one end with a small piece of black construction paper and then use a sharp pencil or nail/thumbtack to poke holes in the shape of the big dipper and then point it at a window or lamp and look through the other end) and we talked briefly about constellations.

Anatomy: We’re on arms and legs this month so we practiced all different kinds of walks (giant steps, tiptoe, waddle like a penguin, etc)

Baking: We made these caramel filled apple cider cookies(which were REALLY good, especially with a chai tea latte), but I accidentally added an extra egg and ended up having to basically multiply everything in the recipe by 1.5 except the cider packets (because I had only bought one box) and it had plenty of cider flavor for us.

I also made Brady some “candy corn cupcakes” (basic white cake recipe, divide in half, color half orange and half yellow, layer in greased/floured cupcake tins and top with white butter cream and a piece of candy corn) to cheer him up when he started to come down with this cold.


And an inside shot so you can see the layers

On Sunday (when Brady briefly seemed better and before Paul and I had come down with the plague) we took a quick trip into the valley to pick apples and visit the pumpkin patch. (Unfortunately I didn’t get any decent pictures of the later I hope Papa did)

Unfortunately we still haven’t carved our pumpkins because we’ve been too busy doing this

and having Mythbusters and Calliou marathons on Netflix. Oh and Brady’s been playing with his new laptop (this one ) more than would otherwise be allowed.

He bought it last week with his “caught being good” money. It’s something we started a little while ago, he gets a play money dollar for being especially cooperative/helpful and for any day that he gets all of his stars on his chore chart (his chores are feeding the cats, doing schoolwork, picking up his toys, being a good listener, and not having any potty accidents) and at certain dollar amounts he gets a special treat ($5 was a sucker, $20 was going out for ice cream, a new toy was $50, at $100 he gets to go to a movie at the movie theater).  So we gave him $25  and he used $8 from his piggy bank and $2 gramma gave him and bought himself a laptop which he LOVES and is proud of himself for earning. Do you guys have chore charts for your preschoolers? I’m curious about other systems.

So that’s what we were up to last week, we’re almost done with this weeks school work so I should be writing that post in the next couple days as well.


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