G week

Letter: G

Number: 6

States: Illinois and Indiana. I really cannot recommend “The Little Man in the Map” enough, Brady can recite the entire book with very little help and has learned the states faster than I would have thought possible.

Unifix activity: We worked on growing patterns in different directions.

Like this


And this

all from the same root pattern

We’ve also been using unifix cubes to work on addition facts with our number of the week. I started with a stack of 6 blue cubes and we talked about how 6+0=6 and then added 1 white and and took away a blue  so he could see that 5 +1=6 and then kept adding a white and taking away a blue until the whole stack was white. I love Unifix cubes for things like this, it’s such a simple intuitive way to learn these basic math facts.

Science: We talked about chlorophyll and then put some leaves under some scrap fabric and hit them with a hammer to make prints

I also made Brady this plastic cup rocket ship just for fun

Anatomy: We talked about the parts of your body you use to run and then I had Brady try to run with his hands down at his sides and we talked about whether that was easier or harder and why.


We painted wax paper and cut it into leaf shapes (idea from Teach Preschool , although Brady used a toy train to spread the paint)

And we painted with mud.


We used the apples we picked on Sunday to make cinnamon applesauce following InLieuofPreschool’s directions (which has been the perfect comfort food for our house full of sickies) and apple crisp. We also made Paula Deen’s Praline Baked French Toast this morning and it was as awesome as it is terrible for you.

And that was our G week, how was your school week?



2 thoughts on “G week

    • It was a lot of fun, that site (I think its “Frugal Fun for Boys” or something close to that) is a goldmine, I think I bookmarked 10 things after looking around for just a few minutes. I do the same on your site, we’re really enjoying the wax paper leaves!

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