A couple of books

Brady has checked out a couple of really cool books from the library lately and I wanted to share them in case you haven’t seen them.

The first one was called mirror and it was really 2 books side-by-side that told the story of two little boys living on opposite sides of the world. The pictures were gorgeous collages (that I believe she either mainly or exclusively used natural materials to accomplish) and the whole concept was so unique we really enjoyed it. Here’s a YouTube video that gives you a little sneak peek:

The other really fun one we’ve checked out is called “Press Here” and the entire book is comprised of 15 little primary-colored dots and instructions to press them or tap them or blow on them and turn the page where you will find they have been moved around or changed because of it. It’s a really simple, charming little book and we’ve probably read it 20 times since we checked it out 2 days ago. Here’s the book trailer for that one:

As far as more grown-up books go: I finally read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and loved it so much I immediately read “Surfacing” which I kind of hated. Now I’m reading Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” but I’d love your suggestions for afterward. What are you guys reading lately?

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