H is for Halloween

We are finally pretty completely over the crud. Hallelujah. I have a feeling this Winter will be rough: new (more humid) climate, new playgroups, new germs. I’m making and freezing big batches of soup in anticipation of our next illness. The beauty of homeschooling, though, is that we just did what we felt like doing when we felt like doing it and didn’t get behind or have to worry about calling teachers/buses. That’s probably not such a problem at the preschool level, but I can see how it will be nice in a few years not to have to worry about when/if to keep him home. We’ve done school curled up on the couch and tucked in my bed and it’s been lovely. Anyway, on to the weekly recap.

Letter: H

Number: 7

Time: Still writing time to the hour and drawing in clock hands.

Money: This was our last week working with just pennies, next week the book introduces nickels and I think Brady is really ready. I’ve considered skipping ahead a few times or doing more pages each week (we currently do 2 pages on money math days) but all the practice writing numbers is really starting to show:

So I think we’ll keep at it unless Brady seems bored at some point.

States: Iowa/Kansas

Science: We did a fun backyard treasure hunt (idea from Mudpies to Magnets)

Complete with magnifying glass

And found everything except a moth

We did, however, see a wooly bear caterpillar that will grow up to be an Isabella Tiger Moth which totally counts

Anatomy: We did an activity from our Everybody Has a Body book. I cut out some paper stars, put tape on the back, and had Brady stick them to the door.  The first time he just reached over his head, next he stretched up on his tiptoes, and then he jumped. As you’ll see in this picture he liked this one so much we’ve done it several more times:

Baking: We made refrigerator biscuit doughnuts

Veggie chili and cheddar-vegetable chowder for the freezer:

And a huge batch of egg fried rice and vegetable chow mein (which we had for dinner that night and I’ve been having for lunch every day)

Art: We played with puffy paint in Halloween colors (recipe here), used our pumpkin pie playdough with Mr. Potato-Head accessories, and finally carved our pumpkins:

gutting the pumpkins

The "oh-no!" pumpkin Brady asked Papa to carve for him

Daddy's scary pumpkin

Mommy's "cat-o-lantern"

And we painted the smaller ones:

We went to the Halloween event at the aquarium yesterday. Brady refused to let me get a decent picture of him looking at the camera, but doesn’t Superman have fabulous hair?

And now I’m off to make some pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies for the kids at playgroup to decorate at tomorrow’s Halloween party.  Wishing you all a safe and fun holiday!


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