I is for “In My Hat”

That title up there? That is the name of the very first book my boy ever read all by himself. This video is the 4th or 5th time he read it so there was some memorization going on at this point, but the first time he sounded it out.  He just a couple of weeks over 3 1/2 and I am so insanely proud of him.

I’ve decided to add a new word family each week and I’ve found some nice resources if any of you have emergent readers as well:

Enchanted learning (although I believe this is a subscription site)

Hubbard’s Cupboard  (worksheets and printable books)

Apples4TheTeacher (worksheets, etc) and

Have Fun Teaching (worksheets, and we also love their phonics videos on YouTube)

This week’s word family was “-at” and we’ll be working on “-am” words next week.

Of course this week started out with Halloween. We had a party at playgroup and decorated cookies

And then went trick-or-treating during which Brady was absolutely charming: “Trick-or-treat! Oh, THANK YOU! That was SO NICE of you! Happy Halloween!!” and when we came to a house with a few kids ahead of us he actually looked up at me and (honest-to-god) said “I’ll just stand here with you and wait my turn.” Unfortunately this picture (taken during playgroup) is the only one I have of him looking at the camera in his costume (he keeps telling me “it’s not picture time yet” which is why a lot of pictures on this blog right now are of just unifix cubes or pies or what have you) and he looks rather annoyed with the Mommy-paparazzi

Letter of the week: I


Unifix activity: I gave Brady one color of unifix cubes and asked him how many different stacks he could make, then we tried it with 2 colors and found out that you could make 2 stacks. I then asked Brady how many he thought we could make with 3 and 4 colors (fully expecting him to say 3 and 4) and he thought for a minute and guessed 8 and 20 respectively. Although the answers are actually 6 and 24 I was impressed with his thoughtful estimating.

We’ve also been using our unifix cubes to work on basic addition facts for our number of the week. This week we’d start out with 8 of 1 color and I’d ask Brady how many of that color cubes we had and how many of whatever color I was going to be adding  (8+0=8)

And then I’d take away one of the 1st color and and one of the 2nd and ask him to count them again (7+1=8)

And we’d keep going along that way until we came full-circle to 0+8=8

Time: We worked on writing the time and drawing clock hands to show one hour later than a given time.

Money: We’ve moved on from pennies to nickels (coloring them silver, counting by 5s, showing how many pennies make a nickel)

States: Kentucky and Louisiana

Science: Our theme this month is weather so we began a weather chart this week. I just drew pictures to correspond with the categories on the weather wheel that came with our calendar and each day we add a foil star next to the correct picture.

Art: We’re making a gratitude turkey this month. I made a basic turkey shape out of a paper bag and cut out a bunch of construction paper feathers. Each day I ask Brady to name something he’s thankful for, write it down on a feather, and he adds it to our turkey.

We also made a cornucopia collage:

And finger painted with homemade scented fingerpaint (recipe here-I used a combination of things to scent ours: crystal light powder, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla/almond extracts)

Baking: We made Granny Smith Pie (like in Brady’s favorite book)

And quick homemade pizza

We also made cinnamon raisin bread in the breadmaker.

We’ve also been participating in the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge which has had us doing things like having storytime in a blanket fort

And building and knocking down huge block towers

among other fun things. It’s not too late to join up if you’re interested and I’ve really enjoyed having a new idea in my inbox every morning.

That was our school week. How was yours?

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