When playgroup is canceled

All weekend I had talked to Brady about today’s playgroup. He helped me make homemade puff paint for the art project, I got up this morning and packed a picnic for our planned trip to the Aquarium afterwards (which I had told him one of his little buddies might join us on) and helped him get dressed…and then we looked out the window and saw what a drizzly grey day it was. And just as I was thinking “ok, so we’ll have our picnic in the car before going into the (mostly indoor) aquarium)” we got a phone call saying playgroup was canceled because of a problem with the heat in the building and I had one very disappointed little boy on my hands. So we made the best of a kind of crummy situation.

First we colored on big pieces of paper on the floor (this was part of the 30 Days to Hands-on Play Challenge)

Then I looked at the ziploc bags I had used to store the homemade scented fingerpaint I made yesterday and had an idea of how we could use it up (since Brady enjoyed it, but didn’t really like getting his hands messy). First I laid out some parchment paper and snipped off a corner of each bag. Brady squeezed paint all over the paper like he was decorating a cake:


Then he went and got a spoon and a fork and used them to squish and scoop the paint for a little while

Next I covered the whole thing with another sheet of parchment and had Brady go get his toy cars

This part lasted awhile

He did some squeezing with his hands too, of course

Once he was all done, we peeled the sheets apart and revealed the finish product. Voila no-mess fingerpainting.

Since we weren’t going to be having a picnic at the aquarium (I offered to take him, but he declined. We may go tomorrow) I decided that we should have a special lunch at home so we made a blanket fort and had lunch

and did school work in there.

And now Brady is having his snack and rest time after our busy morning and I thought I’d share some ideas for rainy day fun with you guys. What do you do when your kid’s plans fall through?


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