Goals revisited

So I realized today that, as of this Friday, we will officially be one quarter of the way through our school year. I decided that this was as good a time as any to re-visit the goals I wrote before we started to see how they are coming along.

1) Sounding out words/reading beginner books by Christmas

-We’re working on a word family per week and he read his first beginner book last week so we’re a little ahead of schedule on this one!

2) Counting to 100 without skipping 5,15,25,etc

-He does seem to be doing better with this and can also count to 100 by 1o’s now (I think the latter has less to do with schoolwork and more to do with helping when Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, and Papa play pinochle)

3) 1-1 number correspondenc

-He can count objects consistently up to 20 (and sometimes a bit higher) and can look at smaller groups (probably 5 or less)and tell me how many without having to count them

4) Improve handwriting

-I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement here in the last couple of weeks especially. He’s using a proper grip with writing utensils and his letters/numbers (and even his coloring) seem much more controlled/recognizable lately.

5) Write his first name by the end of the school year

-He can spell his name outloud (and does anytime anyone mistakenly calls him “Brandy” or “Brayden” or “Grady” or what-have-you) and with magnets, clay letters and he frequently writes all the letters on his whiteboard, but they tend to end up on top of one another or on different parts of the page. Still he’s well on his way to completing this one.

6) Know all the US States/Canadian Provinces and their capitals

-We haven’t gotten to Canada yet, but Brady can locate and name all 50 US states and knows at least 20 capitals as well. He has progressed much MUCH faster in this subject than I ever expected.

7)Exposure to History as a subject

-I’ve kind of fallen down on this one, I think I’m going to order “History of the World” and skip over the mythological bits.

8) Develop a love of science with fun kitchen experiments.

-Today I let Brady play with water in the utility sink and a couple of hours later he asked to “do our fun science experiment again.” So, to my kid, anything that is fun/involves mess/includes exploration is a “Science experiment.” Mission accomplished 🙂

9) Cut simple shapes/draw simple figures

-His cutting is really coming along, we did a collage last week and, although I helped him hold the paper he did all the cutting himself. He hasn’t been drawing very much lately, but when he does they are starting to have some recognizable form. He drew his daddy a picture of a car one night that actually kind of looked like a car, not a lot of detail but we are starting to see basic outlines.

10)Continue with our “Home Ec” days

-We’ve switched from a “Once a week deep clean” to a “Room a day deep clean” and recent illnesses have thrown us off schedule a bit, but Brady is still working right beside me and getting really good at pouring and stirring (I love that baking also gives us an opportunity to talk about fractions)

11) Start giving Brady an allowance once he has completed his time and money book.

-We’re still plugging away at the book, but we have started a system (I think we started it after I wrote these goals, at least) wherein Brady gets a play money dollar for each day that he does all his chores and any time we catch him being particularly cooperative/helpful and at certain amounts he can trade in his “money” for things like a sucker, a new toy, or even a trip to the movie theater. Not an allowance, per se, but serves many of the same educational functions.

And that’s where we are about 1/2 way through our 10th week of school and 1/4 of the way through this year as a whole. How are your goals coming along?

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