Advent calendars and visual schedules

I have a few more pictures to take before I can write the week in review, but I made a couple quick projects this week and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, this advent calendar:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for an advent calendar for a long time and I can never seem to find one I like so I finally decided to throw together this one for my rainbow-loving boy. I just took a roughly 12″x18″ piece of flat cardboard and covered it with heavy construction paper. Then I cut out the tree and trunk, glued them on, and set about folding 24 tiny boxes  (instructions here if you’ve never made one before). I used the scraps of paper left over from the boxes to write out an activity for each day and each box will also contain a small candy.

Here’s our list of activities (Also, I should note that the baked goods are for the trays we give out every year. Since Brady really enjoys baking lately I thought we’d combine the two) :

1) Applesauce ornaments: Combine applesauce and enough cinnamon to make a workable dough (since we won’t be eating these I buy both at the dollar store), roll out and cut with cookie cutters, make a small hole in the top with a straw and let air dry and then hang with a ribbon.

2)Sea Lights at the Aquarium

3)Christmas movie and popcorn (I used this one twice)

4)Make wrapping paper (I believe we’ll follow these directions)

5) Make paper snowflakes

6) Make peppermint bark

7) Have a picnic in a fort

8 ) Write a letter to Santa

9) Decorate a gingerbread house

10) Make Russian Teacakes

11) Visit Santa

12)Ritz cookies: These sound weird, but are actually kind of awesome. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter between 2 ritz crackers and then dip in melted white chocolate and top with sprinkles while wet.

13) Paint ornaments

14) Bead ornaments

15) Make sugar cookies

16) Take a drive to see the Christmas lights with Christmas music and cocoa

17) Go out for dinner

18) Make Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies

19) Make fudge

20) Make thumbprint cookies

21) Ice cream cone trees

22) Family game night

23) Open a present (always new pajamas, on Christmas Eve)

I’ve also been thinking for awhile about making Brady a new chore chart. My reasons for this were two-fold: 1) One of his “chores” on his old chart was to stay dry and that’s not really something he needs daily reminding about anymore and 2) I’ve found myself nagging him a lot in the mornings lately and I wanted to make him some sort of visual schedule to give him some responsibility for getting himself ready. So, inspired by the charts that In Lieu of Preschool recently made her kids, I made Brady this chart last night:

The chart is just 4 sheets of heavy 12″x18″ construction paper cut in half lengthwise and I “laminated” both the chart and cards by sandwiching them between 2 sheets of contact paper. They’re attached with velcro dots  and Brady gets really excited about removing the cards after he’s completed a task. The most tedious part of the whole project was finding/resizing all the clip art so I decided to post the ones I made in case you’d like to use them too (visualschedule).

That’s what I’ve been up to this week, tomorrow I’ll share what Brady’s been doing.

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