J is for Jump

I chose that title just so I could share this picture I took of Brady during our walk this afternoon. It’s my new favorite:

Anyway, on to the wrap-up.

Letter of the week: J

Word family of the week ‘-am’: We did a worksheet of ‘-am’ words on Monday (cutting and pasting the first letter onto several words) and then practiced reading those words and “Pam and Sam” from this site every day.

Number of the week: 9

Unifix Activity: snakes. This was an interesting one from our unifix book: I made various towers of cubes and then I would ask Brady to find me, for example, a “2 color-2 snake” which would an AA-BB-AA-BB pattern or, say, a “5 color-1 snake” which would be an A-B-C-D-E-A-B-C-D-E pattern. He was pretty good at it by Friday and it was an interesting deductive reasoning exercise.

Science: We made a tornado in a jar as part of our weather unit. They’re super simple just put a tsp. of dish soap in the bottom of a jar, throw in 3-4 tiny balls of foil that have been crumpled and pressed so they will stay on the bottom, fill the jar with water and put in a couple drops of blue food coloring and then replace the lid and swirl clockwise until a funnel forms (the foil will add weight and keep it moving).

Anatomy activity: We’re talking about eyes this month so we made a “bird in the cage” optical illusion (draw a bird on the back of an index card and a birdcage on the back of another, staple them together with right sides facing out and then insert a pencil into the pocket and spin it quickly at eye level) and talked about how pictures stay on your eye for a split second and that is why tricks like this (and movies, for that matter) work.

States: Maine and Maryland

Art: There was no playgroup this week so we made up for it by doing a TON of artwork. I guess it could also have something to do with the arrival of the construction paper, spangles, feathers, and pom-poms I ordered from discount school supply. Also in that box was Brady’s very first crayola 64 pack. It’s been a fun week of giggling about silly color names and using rubber bands to join handfuls of crayons.

We painted with scented fingerpaint by squeezing it out of bags and running it over with cars



We made abstract pieces:

And the requisite handprint turkey

I dyed some penne and we strung it on pipe cleaners

Brady made a rainbow fish at this week’s fish-themed storytime

The first of many Christmas trees, I’m sure

And, lastly, we made some construction and contact paper placemats for Thanksgiving:



There are a couple quick-and-easy craft ideas (an advent calendar and a visual schedule/chore chart complete with downloadable cards) one entry back as well.

Baking: Snickerdoodles

Extras: Brady spent a lot of time playing in water in the utility sink.  I thought the sifter would be fun to pour water through, he used it to catch his toy fish (also the water in this picture has food coloring in it, in case you were worried about the state of our pipes lol)

And this spaghetti sensory activity was also a huge hit

That was our week. How was yours?


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