K is for kitchen sink muffins

Letter of the week: K

Number: 10

Word family: ‘-ap’ This week, in addition to the little word family book (“Hap Can See“) I made up some tracing sheets with Brady’s full name and the word families and sight words that we’ve been working on. I covered them with contact paper and Brady uses his dry erase crayons to practice his writing.

Unifix activity: I made up some reusable pattern cards. The book I purchased had some reproducible ones, but I couldn’t get them to scan correctly so I just made my own in Word. If you’d like to use them here is a blank 10×10 , a diagonal 10×10 pattern , a 10×6 rainbow pattern . Resizing and coloring those squares was kind of a pain so I thought I’d save you a little trouble. I covered them with contact paper (are you sensing a theme? it’s my new favorite tool) to make them a little more durable.

Time: Introduction of digital clocks

Money: counting groups of coins containing both pennies and nickels

States: Massachusetts and Michigan

Science experiment: In keeping with our weather theme we observed a rain gauge and talked a bit about hail (the latter because we had a couple of crazy hailstorms this week).

Art projects: We played with homemade puffy paint:

Made these handprint turkeys in playgroup:

And decorated a giant gingerbread man (from a kit, but we used some leftover Halloween candy, too)

Baking: We used a recipe from this “Mouse Cookies and More” collection and made chocolate muffins. I can’t remember which candies they suggested adding, but we ended up throwing in Reese’s Pieces, dark chocolate M&Ms, pretzel M&Ms, chocolate chips, and peanuts. They were really good (although next time I think I will leave out the cinnamon in the muffin batter as I didn’t really enjoy the combination of cinnamon and chocolate) and Brady had a lot of fun throwing in all the different candies. I think they were called Moose Mud Muffins (or something close to that) but I can’t help but think of them as kitchen sink muffins since that is about the only thing we didn’t end up throwing in there.

I deliberately didn’t schedule any formal schoolwork for this upcoming week. I think Brady and I will just focus on deep cleaning and decorating the house as well as making cranberry sauce and pies. I’ll also probably be working on gathering and preparing supplies for our advent calendar activities.  Relatedly I found out last night that those little Dove chocolate squares fit in those boxes like I had planned it that way, SO much better than the crappy chocolate that store-bought calendars are filled with. Brady is a lucky kid.

That’s it for our weekly wrap-up. I hope you all have lovely, peaceful Thanksgivings.

2 thoughts on “K is for kitchen sink muffins

  1. Your blog is so well organized by the letter!! One day, I am going to go back and try to reorganize mine but for now – folks just have to dig in and hope they can actually find something:) I have your blog added to my google reader and will be following along with you all through the alphabet!!

    • Actually I find your categories to be very user friendly. I need to do the same thing here, if only for my own reference. And thank you for adding me to your reader. I’ve never found a reader that I liked very much so I just end up bookmarking my favorite blogs. Yours is definitely one I check anytime I get the chance.

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