L is for lots of fun

We followed up our Thanksgiving break week (during which we all had the stomach flu, blech) with a week that was just sort of insanely busy.  Last Sunday we went into the valley and got our tree

Helping Papa cut the tree down

brought it home and decorated it and then we spent the next couple of days getting presents wrapped, the house deep cleaned, and the rest of the decorations put up.  Thursday we had our normal storytime in the morning and then a kids cooking class in the evening. Friday we went to playgroup, stopped at the grocery store and picked up some stuff for a picnic and then went to the park. We came home for a bit, made dinner and headed to the aquarium for their “sea of lights” event.

Brady and I were up early Saturday to head into the valley to watch my godson wrestle and then have lunch and a playdate with him and his mom at McDonald’s. Then we came back home for just long enough to grab a snack and we were off to the bayfront to watch the lighted boat parade.  Up bright and early again yesterday morning for breakfast with Santa (put on by the Lion’s club)

and some errand running. And when Brady heard his daddy was getting a haircut he decided he wanted one too, so the biggest news right now is that Sunday my baby went from this:

To this:

He’s SO proud and excited to show everyone his new hair. I’m…managing.

Anyway, on to the weekly wrap-up:

Letter: L

Word family: -an

Book: “Jan and Dan

Number: 11

Unifix activity: We worked on making patterns focusing on numbers rather than colors

Time: matching digital and analog clocks

Money: counting nickels (alone and with pennies)

States: Minnesota and Mississippi

Science experiment: To wrap up our weather unit we made a barometer using these instructions.

Art projects:

Foam paint snowman

Santa’s beard advent calendar (not really an art project, I guess, but something he’s working on)

Applesauce-cinnamon ornaments (still drying in this picture)

Handprint tree

Handprint Santa (made at Santa breakfast)

Baking: I just realized we didn’t do any baking last week. The week before Brady helped make homemade cranberry-orange sauce, chocolate pie, and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and there will be LOTS of baking int the next couple of weeks.

And that’s the (late) update. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season.


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