M is for making and baking

So I’m thinking I should have scheduled the entire month of December off instead of just the last two weeks. We were so busy with crafts, our advent activities, and our various countdown methods that we basically moved to an every other day school schedule anyway. Here’s what we did in December.

Letters: M/N

Word family/book: -in/“The Bin”

Number: 12/13

Unifix activity: We practiced showing the same number in different ways by stacking cubes on our fingers (ie: 5-1 on each finger, 4 on 1 finger+1 on another, etc). I also wrote numbers 1-10, ‘+,’ and ‘=’ on index cards and Brady stacked cubes on them and practiced his addition.

Time: writing the time from an analog clock on to a digital clock

Money: counting nickels alone and with pennies

States: Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada

Science experiment: We’ve sort of extended our weather unit and merged it with a small unit on the water cycle both because Brady still seems interested and I didn’t want to start a new unit in what I knew would be a short school month. For this week’s experiment we made a mock water cycle in a bag. Carefully pour an inch or two of water in a ziplock bag, being careful not to splash any water on the sides and then close the bag and tape it in a sunny window.  In a few hours you should see some condensation on the top of the bag. When you do, fill another bag with ice and hold it near the top of the first bag which will cause more condensation and even some “rain” to drip down inside the bag.

I also found this video on YouTube which Brady really enjoys (although there are a few typos that drive me a little crazy)

Anatomy: We’re talking about ears this month so we did a fun listening hide and seek activity. I hid my phone which was playing a ticking clock noise (I thought that was an interesting comment on our modern age: we had no ticking clocks in the house so I had to download a white-noise app lol) and Brady had to use his ears to find it.  We did this Monday and he insisted on playing it last night and has asked to play it again today so I think it’s safe to say this one was a hit.

Art projects:

We made a wreath in playgroup

Decorated our windows with paper snowflakes (Please ignore the unmade bed in the background, I just had to show you the Star Wars ones I made for Paul 🙂

We made a gingerbread village

And several different kinds of ornaments

Brady made Rudolph at playgroup

I decorated our fridge

…made sparkly scented playdough for his playgroup buddies

…and made Brady an “I spy” jar.


We made peppermint bark

Christmas kettlecorn

Ice cream cone trees

And a million cookies

(Not pictured: Russian teacakes, sugar cookies with hugs, ritz cracker candies, fudge and I’m sure several other things I’m forgetting. We did a LOT of baking)

We had a lovely, quiet, peaceful Christmas. Everyone seemed to like their gifts and we really enjoyed each other’s company. Paul & Brady got me a Wii Fit Plus and I’ve been making a point to get on it for 30 minutes during Brady’s rest time. The activities aren’t particularly strenuous, but 30 minutes of quiet and purposeful movement does wonders for my mood. Paul’s parents also gave us a new camera, which means the pictures on here won’t be crappy cell phone ones anymore (or, at least, some of them won’t 😉 There have been a lot of changes in our lives over this past year and I think this holiday season proved to me what I already knew which is that they were necessary and positive.  I am so happy to be in a place where we are safe and loved and to be rid of the pressure and criticism that comes from people trying to make you into who they want you to be.

Anyway, I’ve just finished our lesson plans for January and we’re doing a dinosaur unit so I should have lots of fun stuff for you guys in the coming weeks.   Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you a fun, happy, and healthy new year.



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