Just a couple helpful things

Just thought I’d share a few things that are helping me keep up on my resolutions this year. Nothing I link is ever sponsored, but I like to share things I’ve found helpful.

First I made myself a chart at goalforit.com. I listed my resolutions (exercise, read, don’t raise my voice) as well as a daily chore (I’m doing something similar to this but I switched dusting and vacuuming and added changing the sheets to Mondays), drinking enough water, Brady’s schoolwork, and a daily load of laundry. I’m a big list maker and I like having everything in one place so I can see what still needs to be done at a glance.

This app reminds me to drink water throughout the day by making a noise at regular intervals.

I’m also thinking about going back to Lose It because I’ve found it helpful in the past to be able to see my caloric input/output, but I want to get my workout routine established (11 days in a row so far!) before adding to it.

It isn’t one of my resolutions, necessarily, but I’m always trying to work towards a smoother meal planning system. Recently I divided all of our dinner recipes into 7 categories. I meal plan (and primarily grocery shop with the exception of produce/milk) for 2 weeks at a time and try to choose one dinner from each category per week. This has made meal planning much easier and also meant that we are eating a larger variety of meals. Here (blankmealplan) is the simple table I made (I put things like homemade pizza, veggie burgers, hot dogs, etc under “fast food,” just in case you thought I was feeding my kid McDonald’s once a week :-p). I also added a row to note the days when I would need to pack Paul a lunch for work. I took it off in this version, but you could do something similar if you have kids who sometimes buy lunch at school. I’m finding things are much more likely to get done if I can keep track of them all in one place. I also love this Grocery List which is just an office.com template, but a super handy one. And I’ve started making Brady his own list of clipart pictures of the groceries we need which I tape to a piece of cardboard and let him cross off with a crayon. Our store gives away cookies to kids so I always put a picture of a cookie at the end and he gets to get one after he’s helped me find everything else.

How are your resolutions coming along? Anything you’ve found helpful in your effort to be healthier/move more? How do you handle shopping with kids? I’m always looking for a better way.


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