Dinosaurs and noses

So we’re doing a dinosaur theme this month and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Here’s the weekly wrap-up.

Letter: O

Word family/book: -ig/“Big”

Number: 14

Unifix activity: Lizard Land game. I modified this game a bit from the rules in our Unifix book. Basically it’s a dice game using a base 4 system trading “geckos” for “alligators” (which =4 geckos) and “alligators” for “dinosaurs (=4 alligators). We played until someone got 4 dinosaurs.

States: New Hampshire and New Jersey

Science experiment: I buried some small dog bones in Brady’s sandbox (which is currently filled with dirt lol) and let him dig them out using rakes, shovels, spoons, and even a paintbrush for dusting off what he unearthed.

He really, REALLY liked pretending to be a paleontologist and has been singing this song all week

Anatomy: I made a version of a game I’ve seen on several blogs. First I made several scent cups by either putting a liquid scent (vanilla, body spray, dish soap) on a cottonball or sprinkling a dry scent (coffee, basil, cinnamon, etc) directly into the bottom of the cup and hiding it under a layer of cotton balls. I covered the tops with plastic wrap (mostly to keep them from spilling) and poked a few holes. Then I put them all on the coffee table and had Brady use his nose to find the matches.


We didn’t really do any specific art projects this week. He made a little popsicle stick duck puppet at playgroup and he’s been painting with these bathtub paints (his actually came with 6 colors and 3 little reusable foam pictures that stick to the wall but I can’t find them online). I had planned on making some cardboard dinosaur feet I saw on Pinterest but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m finding this is the way homeschool is for us, it sort of ebbs and flows and sometimes (last month, for instance) our focus is on art and sometimes it’s on science or baking. I know overall he’s getting a well-rounded education and that’s what matters.

Baking: We made “amber fossils” by putting gummy frogs in jello jigglers.  While they set up we looked at pictures of real amber fossils and talked about how they form.

And that was our 1st week of Dino month. Next week we’re starting something new. The place where we attend playgroup twice a week has a Tues/Thurs preschool class.  It started a few months ago and I wasn’t interested because I would have had to drop Brady off, but they’ve changed it so that parents stay and participate so we’re going to try it. Frankly I don’t think Brady will get much out of it academically as I’m sure they’ll be covering ABC’s and 123’s and he’s a bit beyond that at this point. I do think he’ll enjoy playing with his little buddies, though, and maybe get some more practice cutting/pasting/drawing/etc so we’ll see how it goes. There isn’t a lot for kids his age to do in this area so I’m hoping it works out.

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