Dinosaur weeks 2 & 3

First a gratuitous sunset picture(taken from the front porch) because I love it so.

In the past two weeks we’ve had Paul’s birthday, a slipped disc in my back, a 3 day trip to Portland and an absolutely INSANE Winter storm so schoolwork has fallen a bit by the wayside and we’ve done the majority of it on the weekends. We still have not completed our Science and Anatomy work but I don’t want to get further behind on the blog than I already am so here’s what we’ve done the last couple of weeks.

Letters: P/Q

Word families/books: -ip/”I Can” and -ot “The Hot Pot” (both available here)

Numbers: 15 & 16

Unifix activities: In week 2 we added “taxes” to our Lizard Land game. We’d roll twice and collect “geckos” and then roll a 3rd time to determine how much we’d have to pay back in taxes. Last week we played “Hawaii 3-0” which is very similar to “Lizard Land” but uses a base 3 system. Both games were very slightly modified from this book. I’m amazed at the way Brady can just grab a small number of cubes without having to count them now. It’s so cool to see how he has progressed.

This is an aside, but speaking of progress:

This is a picture Brady colored in September.

And here is one he colored this month.

I’m seeing a lot more control in his writing and coloring lately.

Time math: Drawing clock hands and writing times on digital clocks to the hour.

Money math: Counting groups containing nickels and pennies.

States: New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota


Dinosaur pancakes

Dinosaur sandwiches (idea from here)

Fossil cookies (idea from here. I used the recipe from here, left out the nutmeg, added 1/8C cocoa powder and a splash of water)

We also made “dirt cups” with gummy frogs buried inside (I couldn’t find gummy dinosaurs) so my little paleontologist could dig them up.

And I tried to make my husband a T.A.R.D.I.S cake for his birthday. I bake but I do not do so much of the decorating as I think you can see, although I do think doing the detailing in Oreo crumbs (I didn’t have any black food coloring) was a pretty good idea even if the execution left something to be desired.


‘D is for dinosaur’ (idea from here)-still wet in this picture

‘Shapeosaurus’ (idea from here)

and Brady wrote his name on the back (he wrote the letters down in the right order, but the a ended up before the r anyway and the r is backwards. Still, not bad for 3 I think)

Dinosaur feet (idea from here)

We’ve also made a pirate ship

and a school bus from the kits Brady got for Christmas.

I’ve managed to keep all my resolutions so far and am actually averaging closer to an hour of exercise a day (my goal was 30 minutes). I’m about to finish the 4th book I’ve read this year and I’m down 6lbs already. Oh! And I cut and colored my hair, I wasn’t sure about the darker shade at first but it’s grown on me.

So, crazy weather and messed-up backs aside, January has been pretty great. I hope yours is going as well.

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