Dinosaurs-week 4

Here’s what we were up to last week.

Letter: R

Word family/book: ‘-it’/“Fishing”

Number: 17

Unifix activity: We added “taxes” to our Hawaii 3-0 game from last week.  We rolled twice to collect cubes and then paid back the amount of the 3rd roll. This worked to introduce subtraction and borrowing in a very intuitive way. (idea from this book)

Science: I marked out a square in the arena (there used to be horses at this house) and we practiced carefully excavating it. We took soil samples every couple of inches and observed differences as we went further down. We also found some neat stones and a couple of worms in the process. (idea from this book)

Anatomy: We made Jello and talked about scent molecules and how molecules react to heat and cold which led to a conversation about solids, liquids, and gas. (idea from this book)

States: Ohio/Oklahoma


Papier Mache dinosaur bone (still drying in this picture)

(If you do this one, do yourself a favor and stuff some paper inside the paper towel tube. I did not think to do that until one end fell off and then I could only reach halfway down the tube so it is not as sturdy as it should be.)

Moveable paper dinosaur (idea from here)

I had planned to make fossil cookies this week but we ended up making them last week so the Jello was our only real kitchen project.

This is our last dino-week and I have a lot of fun projects planned to celebrate the end of this unit, including a volcano cake and a treasure hunt so stay tuned.

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