Dino Wrap-up

We had so many fun dinosaur activities planned that they spilled over into this week so the wrap-up is a bit late.

Letter: S

Word family/book: -op/”Sounds

Number: 18

Unifix activity: We played a trading game like the ones we’ve played the last few weeks, but this time we worked with a base 10 system and played until someone got a 100 cube. (Idea from this book)

States: Oregon and Pennsylvania

Art: We painted our papier mache dinosaur bone (Brady insisted it needed to be a rainbow bone lol)


And made soap with dinosaurs in it ( you can’t see it very well in this picture but there is a plastic dinosaur in there somewhere)


Science: We made fossils by stirring twigs, leaves, pinecones, and rocks into a disposable pie plate full of mud and then baking them in a low oven until they were dried out. You could leave them in a sunny spot if you lived in a drier climate than we do, and try to find mud with a high clay content for the best results. (Idea from this book)


We also did a treasure hunt using stones which are made with flour,  used coffee grounds,salt,sand, and enough water to make it into a dough. I hid little plastic dinosaurs in them and, once they were cool, I hid them around the house and Brady found them and then got to break them open.


Anatomy: We tried to identify herbs by smelling them and I made popcorn and then hid several cups of it around the house and had Brady use his nose to find them. (Ideas from this book)


Baking: I made Brady a volcano cake to celebrate the end of our dinosaur unit (clearly I used either too big a bundt pan or too small a square pan, it’ll still taste good)



I also made this vegetarian paella recipe last week. It was easy and really good if any of you are vegetarians or just looking for another meatless dish to add to your repertoire.

We discovered Readingeggs.com this week and I’m finding it to be a pretty awesome resource for early readers. It’s a subscription site, but with these promo codes you can get a couple years free. We’re now using that instead of starfall.com for the most part.

I think that about covers our last dinosaur week.  We’re moving on to Space next so I should have lots of fun crafts and projects to share. Hope you all have a nice week.

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