We’ve had a lot of fun getting ready for Valentine’s day. So much fun, in fact, that I thought these projects deserved a post all their own.

We made heart window clings:

A rainbow heart bouquet for Gramma (Brady cut out all those hearts by himself! We’ve been really working on the scissor skills lately):

Heart suckers and Valentine’s popcorn for playgroup:

Valentine funfetti cupcakes:

Brady had a heart shaped lunch, complete with pink strawberry milk:

And we used paper towel tubes to stamp some little hearts onto big hearts cut out of paper bags:

We’ve got Valentine’s parties at playgroup and preschool this week to which we’ll be taking those little popcorn goody bags as well as little heart shaped gluten free sandwiches with cream cheese and cherry preserves and valentine’s cards on which Brady signed his own name.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day, but it’s so fun to celebrate these minor holidays with little kids. I’m already trying to come up with fun St Patrick’s day ideas. What kind of Valentine’s fun have you been having with your little ones?


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