I’m doing this a little differently this week since we have so many fun Valentine’s art projects to share. This post will be about our schoolwork and the Valentine’s projects will get their own entry. Here’s the weekly wrap-up:

Letter: T

Word family/book: “-en”/”We Live In

Number: 19

Unifix activity: We’ve been adding and subtracting as part of our unifix games for several weeks now. This week we started working on written problems using unifix cubes and a whiteboard:

Time math: Writing time to the half hour.

Money math: Writing addition sentences.

States: Rhode Island and South Carolina

Anatomy: We’re on mouths this month so we talked about the muscles that help our mouths move and then used lipstick to make several different lip prints. Idea from “Everybody Has A Body” Before I show you the following pictures I would like to note two things: 1) I don’t wear make-up so I let Brady pick out a lipstick color specifically for this project (how surprised am I that he picked bright red? Not very.) 2) I had not yet brushed my hair when Brady took this picture.


Science: We’re on Space this month and focused on the phases of the moon this week so I made a chart so we could record the phase each night.

Baking: We had a phases of the moon cookie snack (idea from here)


Art: We continued our moon theme. First we painted these templates with bubble wrap. Then I cut them out and wrote the names of the phases on some black paper and had Brady match the moon to it’s name. It was so cute to hear him trying to sound out the names under his breath. I think mostly he just looked for the first letter, but his reading is really coming along.

And that’s it for the usual weekly wrap-up. Special Valentine’s edition to follow.


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