Wii workouts

We, of course, prefer to get outside to play. The truth is, though, that where we currently live the nearest park is a 15-20 minute drive and it isn’t always very nice outside (it’s always gorgeous, but often windy/rainy/grey). Paul and I have been working on getting healthier and Brady, like any nearly 4 year old little boy has a LOT of wiggles to get out. We’ve been using our Wii to get in a quick workout without leaving our house. I also like that it allows me to workout while Brady takes his rest in the afternoons since a 30 minute workout actually takes 30 minutes when you don’t have to add driving time. Here are the games we’ve tried so far.

Brady loves his Nick fit. It has games that are similar to the regular Wii Fit (hula hooping, running, etc) with the added bonus of his favorite Nickelodeon characters and kid-friendly controls. The games are easy enough that he doesn’t get frustrated  but strenuous enough that he often ends up red-cheeked and tired.

I mostly do the Wii Fit Plus. I usually combine a few of the preprogrammed routines which are broken up into categories like “Warm Up,” “Leaner Mii,” “Shoulders and Back,” etc. I also enjoy the “free run” and “free step” options where you can watch regular tv while running in place or stepping on and off the balance board while the Wiimote plays a rhythm and coaches you. You can also create your own routine using the yoga poses and strength training exercises and I often do my little 15 minute yoga routine before bed.

We recently bought Paul the Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout game which is primarily a boxing game. It’s actually really fun and a pretty hard full-body workout since they focus on footwork and evasive maneuvers as well as throwing punches.

I’m not an affiliate, but we’re really enjoying the ability to workout when getting outside and hitting the gym aren’t possible and I thought I’d share what we’ve been doing.


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