Our Second Space Week and a Question

Here’s the wrap up for our second week of our space unit.

Letter: U

Word Family/book: ‘-et’/”Don’t Forget

Number: 20

Unifix activity: We added and subtracted using a whiteboard and unifix cubes again this week, but worked with numbers up to 20.

States: South Dakota/Tennessee

Time Math: Time to the 1/2 hour

Money Math: Adding with nickels and pennies/Intro to dimes

Science experiment: balloon rockets

Art: Shape rocket. I drew shapes on construction paper. Brady cut them out, glued them, and added clouds/window/glitter glue.

Brady’s rendering of the solar system. I hung a cut-open paper bag on the wall and let him have at it and then labeled the ones he described to me, this is still hanging up/being worked on.

Heart butterfly (from playgroup)

Glittery heart collage (from preschool)

And Brady helped me with the layout of this quilt (shown here pieced and pinned but not yet quilted) for his little buddy’s new brother. This is what 92 separate fabrics look like in one crib-sized quilt

Baking: microwave sea salt caramels

And I made a heart shaped chocolate cake with sliced strawberries inside for our Valentine’s day dessert

Sensory activity: In keeping with our space theme we made moon sand (4c flour, 1/2 c veg. oil, splash of extract or essential oil for scent)

The other thing we did last week were a couple of online assessments (the top one on this page and both reading and math on this site) since we’re coming to the end of a few of Brady’s books and my husband and I were trying to decide which ones to order next. He took 2 reading and one math test and scored within the first grade range on all 3. So it’s looking like we’re going to skip a 2nd year of pre-K (Brady won’t be 4 until April) and Kindergarten altogether and jump right into 1st grade reading/math work as he finishes the books we’re currently in. We’re planning on basically schooling year round with maybe a couple weeks of this Summer to give me time to plan next years work. I’d be concerned about skipping him if that would mean he would end up in a classroom full of much older/larger kids but the beauty of homeschooling is that we can make sure he is challenged and engaged without having to consider those social aspects.

The only problem I’m having is deciding what grade I’ll officially put him as far as the school district is concerned. The way the state of Oregon works you only have to notify them of your intention to homeschool once during the year your child turns 7. At that point they expect them to be in 1st grade but you can put them in any grade you’d like. The problem is he will be required to take standardized tests in 3rd grade and then again in 8th (I think? 3rd for sure and one or 2 more times afterwards. This fact makes me unspeakably angry, but that is another topic for another time). So, although he will likely be doing 3rd grade+ work by the time I have to register him with the district I am tempted to tell them that he’s a 1st grader to put off those dreaded tests for awhile. Any other homeschoolers dealt with this? Did you register your children according to age or academic level?

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