Solar system

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Letter: V

Word family/book: ‘-ug’/”All Snug

No number this week. Brady can recognize them up to 100 so I’ve decided to focus more on the handwriting aspect for the moment.

Unifix activity: Adding 3-4 small numbers using unifix cubes as a visual aid.

Time: Time to the half hour/drawing clock hands

Money: Adding dimes and pennies.

States: Texas and Utah. I also found a link to these online geography games from pbs.

Art: We made a “space helment” out of a milk jug covered in foil (you just cut out the handle and spout portion and then trim as necessary). I gave Brady paint, glitter glue, and pom-poms and he worked for awhile and then asked for sequins. As I was headed down the hall to grab them he yelled out “and don’t forget the googly eyes!” Goof ball.

Science: We made a coffee filter solar system. I saw this idea and decided we could expand it to the other planets as well. I used this site to get a (very rough) idea of their relative size and cut the coffee filters accordingly. Then we colored them with markers, sprinkled them with water and glued them onto black construction paper. I wrote the names and had Brady match the planet to the word which added a literacy element as well. If you do this project I’d suggest using a glue stick, we used liquid glue and the lines are still pretty obvious (although not quite as bad as in this picture) now that it’s dry.

Anatomy: Exploring the connection between scent and taste by tasting foods while holding our noses.

Baking: Fruit pizza (from this recipe), rainbow of course.

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