Solar systems, Seuss, and “The Tooth Book”

Taking a moment while Brady watches “Horton Hears a Who” (our Seuss Celebration continues) to write the wrap-up on time for once.

Letter: W

Word family/book: ‘-ub’/“Monkey Hub-Bub”

Unifix activity: We played a game from this book where we built a wall by rolling dice and adding the corresponding number of unifix cubes.

Time math: Drawing clock hands to show time to the half-hour, matching analog and digital clocks that show the same time.

Money math: counting dimes

Science: We built another solar system (here’s the 1st one)using this kit. We quickly found out two things: 1)styrofoam soaks up paint like a sponge 2) it is much easier/neater less time consuming to squirt some paint in a ziploc bag, throw in the ball, zip it up and roll the ball around than it is to paint a million layers on with a brush (although we did paint the sun, the Earth, Saturn’s rings, and Jupiter with brushes to give them some more detail).

States: Vermont and Virginia

Anatomy: We read Dr. Seuss’ “The Tooth Book” and then used some disclosing tablets to see where we miss when we brush our teeth. We also did a taste test that involved putting sweet (sugar), sour(lemon), bitter (tonic) and salty water on the corresponding parts of our tongues. Both ideas from this book.

Baking: Green (deviled) eggs and green (veggie) ham roll-ups

“Hop on Pop(corn”

and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” jello cups


Dr. Seuss hats (this is actually the example I made, we forgot Brady’s at preschool)

and Truffula trees

And that was our busy, Seussical week. Have a nice weekend.



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