Truffula Trees

Although we had our Dr. Seuss celebration yesterday I wanted to make sure we did something to acknowledge his birthday today as well. We read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” (and watched the corresponding video) in playgroup this morning and then came home to make truffula trees. “The Lorax” has been one of Brady’s favorite Seuss books forever (it was the very first bedtime story I ever read him, starting when he was just a few days old) and his love of it has been renewed by all the ads for the movie. This was a quick and easy craft I threw together and I wanted to make sure I shared it today in case you were looking for something to add to your own Seuss celebration.

First I gave Brady a piece of yellow construction paper and asked him to scribble black lines on it and then cut it into strips (these would become the trunks of our trees). While he did that I drew a couple large semi-circles on a piece of green construction paper for  the hills and had him cut them out when he was done making the trunks. We glued the hills and trunks on a piece of blue construction paper (to represent the sky) and then I put some swirls of glue at the top of each trunk and had him add feathers for the truffula tufts. A few clouds and Brown Bar-ba-loots added with crayon and we had a bright colorful celebration of our favorite author.  Then I read “The Lorax” aloud while Brady ate a lunch that included leftover green deviled eggs and “Pink Ink Yink Drink” (raspberry lemonade) with a silly straw.

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