Fine-motor robots

We’ve been really focusing on improving Brady’s handwriting lately (the poor kid seems to have inherited my problems in this area) and a large part of that is doing a variety of fine-motor activities.  First I downloaded Homeschool Creations’ preschool robot pack and stuck the pre-writing pages in Brady’s Crayola Dry-erase Activity Center.  He’s been practicing tracing these lines (mostly with broken dry-erase crayons to encourage correct pencil grip) all week.

While filling up my robot board on Pinterest I ran across this craft and decided it would be a good fine motor activity for Brady.

First I asked him what shape and color he would like the pieces to be and drew them for him:

Then he cut them out:

Glued them on(we would usually use glue sticks, but squeezing really helps build those hand muscles)



And decorated them (picking up these small sequins and googly eyes is great fine motor practice)

When he was done I spelled robot for him and he wrote it on the top of his paper (aside from the ‘b’ being upside down I don’t think he did a bad job at all)



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