Our theme this month is robots, here’s what our first week looked like:

Letter: X

Word family/book: ‘-am’/”Shhh!

Unifix activity: We finished the book I bought to go with our unifix cubes so last week we used  them to work through multiplication problems on the white board:

Time math: Writing time to the half hour, matching analog and digital clocks.

Money math: adding groups of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

States: Washington and West Virginia

Art projects:  Brady made this robot (which got it’s own post last week)

And I made this scented fingerpaint (from almost unschoolers)to take to playgroup (Brady, who hates having dirty hands, had me put a second sheet over his paper and drove cars over it to spread the paint around)

Anatomy: We counted our breaths while sitting and after running to see when our body needs more oxygen.

Brady also enjoyed a couple of robot lunches

Did some robot sorting (printables from homeschool creations)

Some robot pre-writing sheets (also from homeschool creations) in our Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center

We built the “Bradybot 3000” using this kit

And some fine motor practice with various sized nuts and bolts from his Papa’s workshop.

That wraps up our first robot week. I think this is going to be an especially fun month 🙂


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