Robots part deux

Another day, another robot lunch (I’ve totally created a monster here):

This has been our second robot week and, of course, has included some St. Patrick’s Day fun too. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Letter: Y

Word family/book: “-ap”/”I Like to Dance

Unifix activity: We worked on division this week. I wrote problems on the white board (only things that divide evenly for right now) and then I would give Brady a stack of, say, 20 unifix cubes and ask him to make stacks of 5 and then we’d count the stacks and he’d write the answer. I’m not truly trying to get him to memorize multiplication tables or do long division at this point, but it never hurts to introduce these topics in accessible ways.

Time Math:  Looking at clocks that depicted when an activity started and ended and writing how many hours had elapsed.

Money math: Counting groups of dimes, nickels, and pennies

States: Wisconsin/Wyoming. We’ve reached the end of our 50 states, on to US territories and then Canada.

Science: We talked about simple machines, watched “Bill Nye” and “Sid the Science Kid” YouTube videos on the topic and played with ramps.

And we collected frog eggs on a playdate last week so this week we have tadpoles (did you know they like to eat lettuce?)

Anatomy: We continued to talk about our lungs and used straws to blow pom-poms across the table

Fine motor:

Brady has  been playing with this magnetic robot toy:

And continues to enjoy the robot tracing sheets and nuts and bolts from last week.

Add some playtime with Brady’s beloved Alphie

and that was our 2nd robot week.


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