The Luck o’ the Brady

We’ve been really enjoying celebrating minor holidays around here lately and St. Patrick’s Day has been no exception.

We made these shamrock handprints at home

(even the cats got in on this one)

And this easy shamrock tissue paper craft at playgroup

We went to Burger King for some free fries w/green ketchup

(and, of course, some time in their play area)

And Brady had a green-tinted bath with all green bath toys

We made rainbow cake

And Shamrock pancakes

4 leaf clover soda bread (recipe here the only changes I made were the shape and a little food coloring in the buttermilk)

And potato soup (with cheese and soy bacon bits)

With chocolate Irish-cream cupcakes with coffee filling and Irish-cream frosting (recipe here with the following changes: I used chopped dark chocolate-toffee truffles instead of plain dark chocolate and my own buttercream recipe for the filling and frosting and just used coffee or Irish cream instead of the milk and vanilla)

And mint chocolate chip milkshakes for dessert

And that was our St. Patrick’s week 🙂

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