Robots and fractions

Last week my heart broke for Trayvon Martin.

We worked in a community garden (and Brady enjoyed some of the spoils)

We had Papa’s birthday (I clearly should have made the frosting thicker)

And I dyed my hair blue just for fun

Here’s what we were up to school-wise.

Letter of the week: Z

Word family/book: “-at”/”The Copycat

Math activity: I made Brady some fractions to use with his felt board

And he played matched the robot fractions from this preschool pack.

Time math: Showing and writing the time a half hour after a given time.

Money math: Adding groups of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Geography: Washington DC and Puerto Rico


Cherry blossom stamping (we totally used the wrong kind of bottle, but it’s still pretty)

and Brady was sad when we took down our St. Patrick’s day banner so we made this Spring one out of paper plates

Anatomy: We listened to our heartbeats and watched Bill Nye videos about the cardiovascular system.


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