Anatomy for preschoolers

Our main anatomy text this year has been “Everybody Has a Body” which has tons of fun activities. Unfortunately many of them are geared toward a classroom setting and so we’ve often just used them as a jumping off point.

Our March anatomy theme has been organs and we’ve listened to our heartbeats and used our lungs (and some straws) to race pom-poms across the table (both ideas from the book). Our most recent project was this one:

I cut a rough outline of a head and torso out of a paperbag and printed organ coloring pages from here, here, and here then Brady colored them in, I cut them out and he glued them in place.  Some liberties were taken with size and position (I had drawn dotted lines around the kidneys to show that they’re actually in the back, but they don’t really show up), but he got a lot out of the project and keeps going up to it and naming organs and their functions.

There are also many great anatomy videos for kids on YouTube. Tim and Moby (from BrainPop) and Bill Nye are our favorites, but there are many good and engaging ones. Just make sure, like everything on YouTube, you watch them before your child. Magic School Bus also covered anatomy at least a couple of times and those videos are always fun as well.

Children are naturally curious about their bodies and so a fair number of our anatomy lessons have come about not because of something I planned, but because of a question Brady asked. I try to answer everything honestly and make sure to use the real words for body parts. What I don’t know (he’s been asking a lot of detailed questions about blood cells lately) we research together.

Anybody have any other anatomy resources to share?




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