Geography for Preschoolers

We’re wrapping up our study of US states and territories and I thought I’d share the resources I’ve found that have helped make Geography accessible to a 3 year old.

“The Little Man in the Map” by E. Andrew Martyoni

This colorful, engaging book helped my son learn the states and their locations quicker than I would have ever thought possible. He has a soft cover book that covers the capitols, but it was black and white and the copy I received had pages missing so I returned it.

“The United States of America a State-by-State Guide” and “United States Coloring Book”

We use these together, first looking at the state’s page in the guide and then coloring it in the coloring book (which helped us see what color the state birds, flowers, etc should be). Brady found the endangered species in each state (found in the guide) especially interesting.  The coloring book included just the 50 states, while the guide also had pages for Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Since the above sources didn’t cover US territories I’ve done a little digging online to find materials for those.  I found coloring sheets at Color2Learn and Crayola and the CIA World Factbook is great for finding some basic information on other nations. I ended up making little packets with a coloring sheet in the front and a page or two of facts behind.

Puzzles are always a fun educational tool. We have this one for the United States and I’ll be ordering this one for our study of Canada (we’re working our way around the globe). I also happened across this book at Goodwill for our Canadian study and will likely be ordering this one as well.  I’ll let you know how they work out.

And now I have a question for you guys: My game plan for Geography is to start at home and work our way around the world. We’ll be studying Canada next, followed by Mexico, then South America and so on. What I would like to do is find a large, blank world map that we could color in as we cover each nation. Any idea where I could find something like that. I can find small coloring sheets and large maps that are already colored, but have had no luck finding a combination of the two.

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