Robot wrap-up

This last week of March has been about wrapping up several things. We finished our  Pre-K Hooked on Phonics, we have one more week  of US geography (see this entry for tips on teaching geography to preschoolers), and of course we wrapped up this month’s Science and Anatomy themes (Robots/simple machines and organs respectively). This was also the week the public school kids around here had Spring break which means we didn’t have our usual playgroup activities so I tried to plan lots of fun projects. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Letter: alphabet review

Word family/book: “-an”/”Beach plans

Math activity: Still playing with last week’s feltboard fractions

Time math: showing time 1/2 hour later

Money math: counting with dimes, nickels, and pennies

Geography: Northern Marianas, US Virgin Islands

Science: We played with pulleys



(ideas from this book and it’s sequel although ours are miniature because have you TRIED to find a wooden spool these days?? I had to buy those in the dollhouse section)

Anatomy: We made this guy

(covered in more depth in this post)

Art: I let Brady pick out several different flannels at the fabric store and cut them into random shapes, sort of a felt board version of tangrams.

Baking: We made these homemade alphabet pretzels (although we brushed ours with melted butter and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar) and they are dangerously good.

And that was our week.




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