First grade rabbits

This week my baby started the First Grade Hooked on Phonics program. He is characteristically buzzing through it (he read the book that he was supposed to read after lesson 4 at the end of lesson 1 for instance) and I am struggling just a smidgen with just how quickly he insists on growing up.  I’m sure this has nothing at all to do with the fact that he’ll be 4 (FOUR! sob!) on the 19th. To celebrate his upcoming birthday I put together this little slideshow. Want to see my baby grow 4 years in about 90 seconds? Of course you do.

Besides being nostalgic (and sick for the BILLIONTH time since moving to this The Land of Perpetual Sweater Weather) here’s what we’ve been up to:

Blends: ch/sh/th

H.O.P. book: “Slim Sam”

Math activity: We’ve been working on our 2 times table this week. I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I did not intend to have Brady memorize his times tables yet, but we finished our unifix cube activity book and I have yet to decide on our next math curriculum so we’re killing a little time (and he seems to really like division which is much easier once one has mastered their times tables). We worked with unifix cubes:

And watched cute YouTube videos like this one

and this one

and this one

Geography: American Samoa and Guam

Time Math: Showing a half-hour time lapse on digital and analog clocks.

Money Math: Counting groups of dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Science: We’re talking about plants this month. To that end we are growing some green onions in the window sill and I have it on good authority that the Easter bunny will be bringing Brady planting kits for tomatoes and daisies.

Our tadpoles are growing like weeds as well:

We have about a dozen of these guys who we're planning on releasing back where we found them once they're frogs.

Fine motor: putting screws in an empty egg carton (idea blatantly stolen from the mom of Brady’s little bff)

Our art projects this week were tie-dying Easter eggs (we used a kit, but not one I’d recommend)

And painting some paper eggs with shaving cream:

We also decorated paper bunnies and chicks in playgroup, but left them there.

In the kitchen we made these cute little bunny sandwiches (blueberry bread, cream cheese, dyed coconut ears, raisin eyes, cherry craisin nose, carrot whiskers, cookie cutter custom made by my super-handy father-in-law) for today’s playgroup Easter party/egg hunt.

And tomorrow (after brunch and another egg hunt at our community center) Brady will help me make a cherry cream pie for Sunday’s dinner.

Happy Easter everyone!

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